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Q. Are your services available 24/7?

A. Yes, our call centre is operational 24/7/365

Q. Cities where you are present?

A. The List of cities where Dial4242 ambulance service is available is

displayed on https://www.dial4242.com/cities

Q. What is your success rate for the ambulance reach?

A. Our success rate in terms of ambulance reaching the patient (caller)

is 99.9%

Q. Can I use ambulance service for my relatives or friends?

A. Dial4242 is a “members only” platform. One can use this service for

registered members only

Q. Is Dial4242 a paid service?

A. Yes, it is a paid service. Members need to pay the actual charges at

the time of utilization of service.

Q. Looking at the COVID situation, what all precautions you’re


A. Our ambulances are sanitized before and after every trip, PPE kits

are worn by staff at all times, and payment mode is digital- cashless

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